As we partner with multiple new insurers and investment platforms, you and your clients will have so many financial solutions to choose from.
We have designed a suite of training programmes to support and arm you with financial knowledge at every stage of your career and our digital tools will ensure you're well-equipped and enable you to succeed.

Our Business Proposition: Your Key to Success

Whether you are fresh from school or an experienced professional, we offer you a unique career that enables you to provide individuals and families the opportunity to transform their dreams into realities. As a Financial Services Consultant, the value you bring to your clients underpins the success you can achieve in this career, through which you too will fulfill your life’s dreams.

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Our training culture will help you acquire the relevant knowledge and skills to uncover your clients’ financial aspirations, identify their financial needs and provide them with suitable products to fulfill their financial goals. We aim to also help you acquire your full potential in your career.

Our dedication towards your continuous professional development will ensure you always remain relevant in an evolving financial sector. We will work closely with all our business partners, insurer and wealth providers to help you in providing you the various training programme you need.

Rewards for Success

Your performance will be acknowledged through a range of recognition programmes which includes:

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Career Path

The path of an experienced Financial Services Consultant or Manager is yours to choose as you progress in this career.

As an experienced Financial Services Consultant, you can continue serving your clients personally and walk with them throughout the planning of their financial lives.

As a Manager, your success will be achieved through recruiting and developing Financial Services Consultants under your charge.

Whichever path you choose, you will find that with the room for growth, you can expect a rewarding career.